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Best health events and conferences in the UK for teachers, school, doctors and nurses


‘Tony Talks Autism 2019’ – 15th January 2019

“Being able to ask questions after each sector was excellent and created the right balance. Excellent event with good ideas.”

  • Darrell Muir, Lecturer in Computing

“Today was factual, helpful and gave me a huge insight into the mind and ways of someone with ASD.”

  • Samantha Ball, Teacher

“Wow – this has been the most refreshing training event I have attended on ASD. So real and helpful both in terms of knowledge and practical application.”

  • Chris Jones, Assistant Head Teacher


‘Sharks ‘n’ Snakes: Managing Difficult Personality Types in the Workplace’ – 22nd November 2018

“Excellent presentation, well delivered, interesting and helpful!”

  • Lisa Donoghue, Manager

“Invaluable input easily transferred into the workplace.”

  • Gillian Kulwicki, Head Teacher

“Great course made those difficult colleagues appear manageable by drawing on consistent strategies.”

  • John Hamilton, Head Teacher

‘Attachment & Trauma Based Approaches to Working with Children & Young People’ – 5th November 2018

“Very insightful! A real eye opener, made me really think about how I can improve school experience for children in my care.”

  • Craig Strachan, Teacher

“When you have a great speaker, it’s easy to listen and it’s even easier to learn and be inspired.”

  • Sarah Melville, Class Teacher

“The speakers are passionate and engaging. Really inspired me to make a difference wherever possible.”

  • Alex Scoular, PE Teacher & Guidance

‘The Annual Children’s Mental Health Conference’ – 3rd October 2018

“Today I have been through many emotions, but I leave a better person from this event.”

  • Kathryn Brown, Parent

“A brilliant range of speakers – after each presentation you think that will be the highlights of the day until the next one!”

  • Karen Siddall, Principal Teacher of Student Support

“A fantastic varied programme. Essential for all professionals who work with young people.”

  • Diane McIntyre, Key Teacher Pupil Support

‘Engaging with Disengaged Children & Young People’ – 18th April 2018

“A fantastic conference both inspiring and practical. This will lead to real change in my practice.”

  • Lorna Wiles, PT Flexible Curriculum

“Another interesting, well run conference from Medica CPD. High calibre speakers with life experiences to share.”

  • Gail Brady, Head of House

“I will go away today feeling hugely encouraged and energised about continuing to improve and push forward in my role.”

  • Helen King, Youth Worker

‘Through New Eyes: Where Challenging Behaviour Comes From & What To Do About It – 18th April 2018

“I have been to many courses on Attachment theory but listening to Jonny has made it all click, the dots have been joined!”

  • Marjory Murphy, Deputy Head Teacher

“Thought provoking, valuable afternoon. It allowed me to reflect on different perceptions in my school and how we can guide and empathise with our pupils.”

  • Emma Gilles, Acting Headteacher

“Possibly the best CPD event I have ever attended. The realness of the content made this more relevant the longer it went on.”

  • Stephen Daly, Teacher

‘Helping Children & Young People with ADHD Succeed in Education Settings – 21st March 2018

“Very informative and interesting course. Delivered in an excellent way.”

  • Debbie Hughes, PT Complex Needs

“I didn’t want the course to end! Highly informative and entertaining!”

  • Melanie Caldwell, Principal Teacher

“Very interesting topic, lots of valuable information to support young people meet their full potential.”

  • Colette Mullan, Deputy Head Teacher

‘Tony Talks Autism 2018’ – 12th January 2018

“I had high hopes for today which have been completely exceeded. Tony is an inspirational speaker – very practical, I could listen to him all day!”

  • Claire Kelly, ASD Coordinator

“Today’s training has been very refreshing in raising my awareness and very insightful. Lots of notes to share with my colleagues.”

  • Helen Marston, Manager – Residential Services

“Absolutely inspiring and informative day which has been equally beneficial to me both as a primary school teacher and the parent of a young boy with an autism diagnosis pending.”

  • Simon Griffin, Class Teacher


‘ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia & Dyspraxia – 3rd November 2017

“Fantastic, informative conference from Medica, with positive strategies which are appropriate for all educational settings for all pupils.”

  • Avril Dobson, Teacher

“This is the best CPD experience I have had. Every speaker was knowledgeable and engaging and will definitely have an impact on my practice.”

  • Joanne Maclennan, Teacher – Behavioural Support

“Extremely informative and thought provoking. A great way to network across agencies and local authorities.”

  • Colin Fyfe, Teacher of ASN

‘Let’s Talk About Children & Young People Under Pressure’ – 4th October 2017

“An illuminating day. I now feel able to approach children and young people with mental health difficulties without feeling inadequate or unable to help them.”

  • Anna Harper, PT Pupil Support

“Inspirational event from those at the front line of theory and those living proof of trauma and pressure! A learning experience for us all.”

  • Jill Woodward, Head Teacher

“Brilliant conference! Fantastic speakers and excellent practical activities/advice to use in the classroom.”

  • Charlene McMillan, Teacher

‘Trauma, Attachment & Behaviour in Education’ with Dr Karen Treisman – 3rd October 2017

“One of the best CPD courses I’ve attended. Very informative and very engaging.”

  • Des Roache, Learning and Behaviour Support Teacher

“Dr Karen Treisman was a fantastic presenter. Dynamic, insightful and real. Inspiring to hear her speak.”

  • Emma Arneil, Pre-School Educational Home Visitor

“Great workshop, so thought provoking and inspiring.”

  • Tracey Edge-Locke, PT Support for Learning

‘Autism & ADHD: What Has Diet Got To Do With It? With David Rex – 8th June 2017

“Inspirational speaker – impact on my teaching in the classroom will be measurable! Thank you!”

  • Mairi McVey, Teacher

“I always take some new knowledge away with me after attending a Medica CPD conference.”

  • Robin Thomson, Principal Teacher – ASN

“Interesting course with good mix of theory and practical ideas. It was very interesting to hear the experiences of the variety of professionals/parents in the room.”

  • Annie Smith, Senior Educational Psychologist

‘Tony Talks Autism’ with world autism expert Dr Tony Attwood – 15th May 2017

“Highly informative day from an extremely knowledgeable, insightful and entertaining speaker. 5 stars!”

  • Angela McDonald, Home School Partnership Officer

“A truly inspirational experience.”

  • Heather McAlpine, Teacher

“Best CPD event I have attended. Dr Tony Attwood was great to listen to.”

  • Mary Lees, Class Teacher

‘Understanding Attachment & Supporting Positive Relationships in Children & Young People’ – 21st April 2017

“Dr Karen Treisman was such an inspirational speaker – articulate, confident & passionate in speaking about the importance of relationships with suggestions of practical strategies to support improved understanding of practice.”

  • Kerry Leys, Senior Education Social Worker

“Excellent speakers who provided lots of knowledge and useful tools which I will endeavour to utilise with the young people I work with.”

  • Jocelyn Main, Staff Nurse

“An excellent conference, really informative and interesting. I will definitely attend another Medica CPD event!”

  • Paula Owen, Teacher of Support for Learning

‘Understanding and Supporting the Psychological Needs of Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking, Trafficked & Refugee Children & Young People’ – 20th April 2017

“A very informative course presented by a knowledgeable and engaging speaker.”

  • David Fletcher, EAL Teacher

“Excellent, thought provoking training course.”

  • Catriona MacSwan, Service Manager

“Brilliant course, Thank you so much!”

  • Susan Jackson, Principal Teacher – Pupil Support (Acting)


Annual Autism Conference – 29th November 2016

“Always extremely professionally organised with a promising line up of guest speakers. Medica CPD never fails to deliver.”

  • Deborah Henderson, ASD Development Officer

“I would recommend Medica CPD events to professionals, parents and carers of all backgrounds.”

  • Dianne McGrattan, Teacher

“Fabulous event, really thought provoking and leaving with lots of ideas for day to day working, training and strategic visions.”

  • Debbie McCormack, Principal Teacher