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Our history of awesome events

Don’t just take our word for it! Read all about our inspirational and transformational CPD events from the very people we create them for – our attendees.

Tony Talks Autism — 15th January 2019

Being able to ask questions after each sector was excellent and created the right balance. Excellent event with good ideas.
Darrell Muir, Lecturer in Computing
Today was factual, helpful and gave me a huge insight into the mind and ways of someone with ASD.
Samantha Ball, Teacher
Wow – this has been the most refreshing training event I have attended on ASD. So real and helpful both in terms of knowledge and practical application.
Chris Jones, Assistant Head Teacher


Sharks ‘n’ Snakes: Managing Difficult Personality Types in the Workplace — 22nd November 2018

Excellent presentation, well delivered, interesting and helpful!
Lisa Donoghue, Manager
Invaluable input easily transferred into the workplace.
Gillian Kulwicki, Head Teacher
Great course made those difficult colleagues appear manageable by drawing on consistent strategies.
John Hamilton, Head Teacher

Attachment & Trauma Based Approaches to Working with Children & Young People – 5th November 2018

Very insightful! A real eye opener, made me really think about how I can improve school experience for children in my care.
Craig Strachan, Teacher
When you have a great speaker, it’s easy to listen and it’s even easier to learn and be inspired.
Sarah Melville, Class Teacher
The speakers are passionate and engaging. Really inspired me to make a difference wherever possible.
Alex Scoular, PE Teacher & Guidance