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Professor Tony Attwood
Professor Tony Attwood
Bill Colley
Bill Colley
Bo Hejlskov Elvén
Bo Hejlskov Elvén
Dr Martin Hanbury
Dr Martin Hanbury
Dr Iain McClure
Dr Iain McClure
Professor Adam Ockelford
Professor Adam Ockelford
Jim Taylor
Jim Taylor
Dr Luke Beardon
Dr Luke Beardon
Eileen Cummings
Eileen Cummings
Jonny Matthew
Jonny Matthew
Sorell Dowling
Sorell Dowling
Dan Johnson
Dan Johnson
Dr Tricia Skuse
Dr Tricia Skuse
Sara Lurie
Sara Lurie
Pooky Knightsmith
Pooky Knightsmith
Sophie Andrews
Sophie Andrews
Andrew Black
Andrew Black

Previous Events


Sharks ‘n’ Snakes: Managing Difficult Personality Types in the Work Place, Thursday 22nd November 2018

Attachment and Trauma Based Approaches to working with Children and Young People Conference, Monday 5th November 2018

Beyond Behaviour: Understanding and Responding to Challenging Behaviours in 4 to 12 year olds3rd October 2018

The Annual Children’s Mental Health Conference 3rd October 2018

Through New Eyes: Where Challenging Behaviour Comes From & What to do About it, Wednesday 18th April 2018

Engaging with Disengaged Children & Young People Conference, Wednesday 18th April 2018

The Annual Autism Conference 2018, Thursday 22 March 2018

Helping Children and Young People with ADHD Succeed in Education Settings, Wednesday 21st March 2018

Tony Talks Autism 2018 with world autism expert Dr Tony Attwood, Friday 12th January 2018 – Manchester


ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia & Dyspraxia Conference: Understanding & Supporting Students in Mainstream Settings, Friday 3rd November 2017, Glasgow

Let’s Talk About Children Under Pressure Conference, Wednesday 4th Oct 2017

Trauma, Attachment & Behaviour in Education Course with Dr Karen Treisman, Tuesday 3rd Oct 2017

Autism & ADHD: What has diet got to do with it? – 8th June 2017

Tony Talks Autism’ with world autism expert Dr Tony Attwood – 15th May 2017

Understanding Attachment & Supporting Positive Relationships in Children & Young People Conference – 21st April 2017

Understanding and Supporting the Psychological Needs of Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking, Trafficked & Refugee Children & Young People – 20th April 2017


Annual Autism Conference – 29th November 2016

Attention Autism Training Course with Gina Davies – 28th November 2016

Promoting Emotional Well Being Training Course – 8th November 2016

Children & Young People Under Pressure Conference – 7th November 2016

Settling Troubled Pupils to Learn with Louise Bomber – 10th October 2016

Understanding Eating Disorders – 17th September 2016

Children in Difficulty – Understanding & Helping Young People with Attachment Insecurity & Complex Trauma – 27th May 2016

Adolescent Substance Abuse 2016 Conference – Working Effectively with Adolescents with Substance Abuse Issues – 26th May 2016

Children in Difficulty – Understanding & Helping Children with Trauma & Attachment Problems – 19th May 2016

Helping Children & Teens with ADHD Succeed at School – 13th May 2016

Annual Children’s Mental Health 2016 Conference – Children’s Mental Health, Well-Being & Attainment – 12th May 2016

Building Emotional Well-Being & Resilience in Primary School Children – 22nd April 2016

Healthy & Happy 2016 Conference – Improving Health & Well-Being in Early Years & Primary School Aged Children – 21st April 2016

Children In Difficulty – Understanding & Helping Children with Trauma & Attachment Problems – 25th February 2016


Adolescent Substance Abuse Conference- 8th December, 2015

Autism: What Has Diet Got To Do With It? – A Half Day Training Course, 25th November 2015

Annual Autism Conference 2015 – 24th November, 2015

Bouncing Back 2015 Conference- Building Resilience, Confidence & Educational Attainement in Vulnerable Children & Young People- 28th October 2015

Supporting Healthier Lifestyles for People with Learning Disabilities Conference – 1st October, 2015

Hot Topics in Dermatology Masterclass- 22nd August, Dumfries

Children’s Mental Health Conference, 2015 – 27th May 2015

Autism as Context Blindness – A Half Day Training Course with Dr Peter Vermeulen – 28th May 2015

Eating & Nutritional Care for Older People with Dementia’ Conference – 19th May 2015

Improving Health & Well Being of Early Years & Primary School Aged Children’ Conference – 30th April 2015

Understanding & Managing ADHD & ODD Children Training Course – 29th April 2015

Supporting Children through Trauma, Loss & Bereavement Training Course – 29th April 2015

Hot Topics in Dermatology Masterclass 18th April 2015


Supporting the Communication Needs Arising from Autism in Education Settings – Theory to Practice Training Course, 3rd April 2014

Improving Outcomes for Children and Young People with AUTISM in Education Training Course, 26th March 2014

Eating Well for Older People and Older People with Dementia Training Course, 19th May 2014

Food Safety and Nutrition Live Conference, 20th May 2014

Annual Children’s Mental Health Conference, 28th May 2014

Understanding Self-Harm and Using that Understanding to Provide Effective, Sustainable Support for Children and Young People Training Course, 29th May 2014

Self Harm and Eating Disorders Conference, 5th November, 2014

Building Resilience in Children and Young People Training Course, 6th November 2014

Autism 2014 Conference, 27th November

Sensory Processing and Autism Training Course, 28th November, 2014


Safeguarding Vulnerable Children from Abuse while Managing Allegations against Professionals, April 25th, 2013

Improving the Health and Well Being for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities, April 26th, 2013

Children’s Mental Health Conference, May 14th, 2013

Working with Vulnerable Children with Parents with Mental Health Problems, May 15th, 2013

Autism, Relationships, Friendship & Getting On In The Social World, May 22nd, 2013

Making a Difference Understanding and Supporting People with Autism Spectrum Disorders , 21st November 2013

Holistic Approaches to Supporting Behaviour of Children and Adults with Autism, Friday 22nd November 2013

Bouncing Back – Building Confidence and Resilience in Children and Young People, 26th November 2013

Diabetes, Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease Conference, 4th December 2013

Empowering Ourselves and Others to Succeed, 4th December 2013


Food Safety & Nutrition, 14th March 2012

End of Life – A Half Day Conference, 17th April 2012

Dermatology Masterclass, 19th April 2012

Nutritian & Healthy Eating for People with Learning Disabilities, 26th April 2012

Troubled Times: Working With Chilcdren & Young People with Attachment Issues & Mental Health Problems, 16th May 2012

Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease, 8th November 2012

Getting It Right for Children & Young People, 14th November 2012

Alex Yellowlees Workshop, 16th November 2012

Diabetes & Heart Disease Masterclass, 5th December 2012