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11 Oct '19

USA World Autism Expert Brenda Smith Myles Ph.D. comes to Glasgow

Posted by Carolyn in News

Following hot on the heels of Dr Temple Grandin and Prof Tony Atwood we are delighted Brenda Smith Myles PH.D will be our keynote speaker at our annual autism conference 2020.

So who is Brenda Smith Myles?

Let’s share a few snippets with you……… Brenda’s an internationally renowned expert in autism and is acknowledged as the second most productive applied researcher in ASD in the world. She’s made over 3000 presentations worldwide and written more than 300 articles and books on ASD.

Brenda’s commitment and contribution to the research and awareness of autism spectrum disorder has resulted in the receipt of numerous awards including: The Autism Society of America’s Outstanding Professional Award and The Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Divine Neurotypical Award.

Probably Brenda’s most popular book, ‘The Hidden Curriculum’ is an essential resource for anyone working with children, teenagers, or adults with ASD. It provides key information, tips and strategies for supporting individuals with ASD. ‘The Hidden Curriculum’ refers to the unwritten rules and codes of social interactions that most people just naturally know. It becomes increasingly important as students reach middle and high school. These rules are especially challenging for students with autism to grasp because they are not explicitly discussed; they may not know how to behave or engage with others in various social contexts, such as the school bus or cafeteria. This could include unwritten rules such as providing enough personal space when choosing a seat on the bus. The book provides the hidden curriculum ideals and follows with a series of strategies that can be used to help students with ASD understand these unwritten rules.

7 Top Tips top tips & strategies for making the classroom a comfortable environment for children & young people with ASD!

· Provide a daily or weekly schedule in the form of a small list or display the information on a classroom poster that is easily visible

· Have a designated quiet or sensory area where a student can take a break

· Breakdown assignments into smaller components

· Create and teach students routines for each activity that happen consistently in  school, explaining where, when and how they should complete these activities (e.g. Handing in their homework or lining up for lunch)

· Offer assignments in a different format (e.g. Multiple Choice)

· Recognise and praise students for talking with their peers or not interrupting lessons, behaviours which are challenging for children with ASD.

· Ask parents for support to help prepare their children at home by reminding them about upcoming field trips, tests or projects

This small list is an example of the ways in which teachers can help provide support to children and young people with ASD, Brenda will be sharing lots of more tips and strategies and at ‘The Annual Autism Conference 2020’, Glasgow. Below is some information on this fabulous event and we hope to see you there!

Event Information

The Annual Autism Conference 2020
A One Day Conference
28th February 2020, Hilton Glasgow Grosvenor, Glasgow

A CPD event bursting with knowledge updates, keynote speakers & practical strategies so you can make a real difference to the children and young people you support with ASD.

• Learn from leading experts on Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
• Gain practical information and tips
• Hear from and meet leading experts
• Change the way you think about Autism
• Network with others
• Be inspired!

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