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13 Nov '18

Top Tips for Dealing with Autism Behaviours

Posted by Carolyn in News

Regardless of whether you are a teacher, social care worker, healthcare professional or from any other background, it is likely that you will at some point encounter someone with autism. This can be challenging if you are unsure of how to handle autism behaviours, but in reality there are some very simple strategies you can learn to assist you.

Be patient

It can take time for someone with autism to adapt to changes, and progress might seem slow. However, it is important that you are patient and supportive. Set small goals and track achievements.


People with autism may find it difficult to understand social situations, and to adapt to new processes, rules or what is expected of them. Ensure that there is an element of consistency to the way you treat them, and as far as possible to their interactions with you.

Be sensitive to the sensory environment

Many people with autism find it difficult to focus where there is a lot of loud noise, and many may be alarmed by a fire drill or sudden loud noise. Try to anticipate these things and make the environment as comforting as possible for them.

Communicate well

What may seem straightforward to you or I may not be understood in the same way by a person with autism. Try to be very clear in your meaning and take the time to ensure they understand. In the same way, many people with autism struggle to communicate, particularly when they are anxious or upset. It can help not to make them feel overwhelmed, to give them space and time to consider how best to communicate what they are feeling.

Managing change

Some people with autism struggle to adapt when things change, but the best thing you can do support them is to prepare them and manage the transition. Let them know about any changes in advance and set out clearly what will happen.

Offer a safe space

If a person with autism is seeming to become anxious or distressed, offer them a quiet, safe space they can be alone and calm down. Even offer a calming activity.

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