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24 Nov '18

Supporting Employees with Autism in the Workplace

Posted by Carolyn in News

Employees can be an excellent asset to your business when properly supported. That is why it is essential that you support employees with autism in your business. Regardless of whether you are a business owner, manager or fellow employee, there are a number of key steps you can take to help employees with autism thrive in a workplace setting.

Arrange Staff Training

Many of your current employees may be unaware of what autism really is, and what it can mean for those with the condition. You should arrange a training session or attend an event that will inform employees of what this means, and how best to support the employee with autism.

Take time to understand

Autism is different in each and every person. The scale is broad, and some people display certain behaviours whilst others do not. It is vital to take the time to understand ow autism manifests in the employee you are taking on, so that you can take action to support this employee fully.

Tailor the working environment

One you understand what difficulties the employee faces as a result of their autism, take steps to mitigate these factors. For example, give them their own space in your open plan office where they won’t be disturbed. Make sure the lighting or noise isn’t too distracting, or that they will not be approached by visitors if they find social interactions challenging.

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