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07 Feb '24

Medica Cpd interviews... Jim Taylor

Posted by Carolyn in News

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“Together We Can Do Some Great Work & Inspire People to Change Their Thinking on Autism”

Q. Tell us how you got into this field.

A. I started Primary Teacher and quickly developed an interest in teaching autistic children. When the opportunity arose for me to teach in the first school in Scotland for autistic pupils, I took it! This was in 1979. For the last 10 years I’ve been working independently on projects that take me all over the UK and beyond.

Q. What’s the most important thing parents can do for their autistic child/children

“We need to open up our minds and discover ways to improve learning and interactions”
Jim Taylor

A. To listen, then to listen more, then to listen better.

Explore these questions; what kind of learner is the child, what kind of communication suits best; am I projecting my learning style, my communication style onto the child?

What is it here that I need to re-think?

Q. What are you working on at the moment?

A. I am involved in many interesting and exciting things at the moment!

I’ve not long returned from America where I was collaborating with the authors of FLIPP the Switch,the book on Executive Functioning.

I continue to deliver training in Nurseries, schools, in the workplace and in Criminal Justice.

Since Lockdown, I’ve worked more directly with individuals in a variety of settings. This continues to stretch my learning.

Currently, I am enjoying a collaboration with Autistic Radio at

Q. Do you have any favourite, funny or stand-out moments from your work life?

A. After 40 years, there are too many and I know there will be more

I focus on moving forwards. However, as you ask, a young man told me recently that he ‘quite enjoyed’ our chats. When I asked him what it was that he liked (yes, I was seeking a compliment…), he answered, ‘You just keep turning up’.

You can hear Jim speak at the “Autism, Trauma and Behaviour” Conference on the 7th March 2024 

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