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17 Jan '24

Medica Cpd Interviews... Dr Luke Beardon

Posted by Carolyn in News

“Far too often people will hear the word ‘autism’ and immediately make all sorts of assumptions about the individual”
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With the “Autism, Trauma & Behaviour” conference almost here, we talked to Autism expert and speaker Dr Luke Beardon.

Luke’s a Senior Lecturer in Autism at Sheffield Hallam University, full of wisdom, upbeat and always thought provoking!!!

An author of numerous books including Avoiding Anxiety in Autistic ChildrenWhat Works for Autistic Adults and many more.

He holds numerous Inspirational Teacher Awards as well as two Lifetime Achievement Awards in autism.

Here’s the exclusive chat we had with Luke, about his life and what he thinks every professional should know!!

Q. Tell us how you got into this field?

A. I was a volunteer at a school for autistic children at the age of 14 which is when I first supporting autistic people.

After my degree and following a very brief tenure as a postman which I was hopeless at as I was perpetually lost!!!! I became an auxiliary nurse working with vulnerable adults.

I moved to becoming a support worker for autistic adults with additional learning disabilities which I loved and still miss - two wonderful years.

I then went into autism-specific support, again in residential services, and eventually ended up in my current role as Senior Lecturer in Autism at The Autism Centre, Sheffield Hallam University.

Q. Is there something you think every professional working with autistic individuals should know?

A. Yes - that knowing someone is autistic literally means nothing aside from the fact that they are autistic.

Far too often people will hear the word ‘autism’ and immediately make all sorts of assumptions about the individual, usually absolutely erroneously.

Getting to know that individual, and how autism works for them in any given situation is far better than making any preconceived judgements.

Q. You’re a prolific writer of books on autism, can you tell us about your upcoming work?

A. My latest book ‘What Works for Autistic Adults’ is a three Chapter text written for autistic adults, in an attempt to dispel the prolific amount of misinformation scattering society about autism.

Not all of what one might hear is incorrect - but much of it is, at the very least, misplaced. I don’t profess to have the answers, that’s for sure - but having the opportunity to refute some of the problematic narrative surrounding autism was my aim.

Q. Do you have any stand-out moments from your work life?

Having the privilege of engaging with autistic people most days of my life is more than enough to claim that my life is stand-out.

Thank you Luke!

Luke is a fantastic and inspirational speaker. You can hear more from him at the “Autism, Trauma & Behaviour” conference on the 7th of March 2024!

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