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22 Jun '23

How to Support Autistic People with Sensory Difficulties

Posted by Carolyn in News

“If you experience the world differently to others you will think, live and behave differently”
- Geoff Evans

Processing everyday sensory information can be difficult for autistic people.

For example, they may experience difficulties interpreting and organising input from what they see, taste, touch, hear and smell.


Often, autistic individuals can be overwhelmed by one (or more) of these senses, which can lead to a range of reactions, from anxiety to total distress.

So, what can we do to help?

Here’s some great tips from Geoff Evans, Medica CPD speaker/trainer, to help support autistic individuals with sensory difficulties:

(*Geoff Evans, Annual Autism Conference 2022) *

While some of these acts may seem small, they can make a huge impact. Don’t allow the simplicity to take away the significance.

This is why it’s important that we find and use strategies, to ease these difficulties for autistic people.

Being aware of how your actions can negatively affect someone else, and implementing changes to avoid this, is a simple and wonderful way to make the world an easier place for everyone to navigate.

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