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06 Sep '22

Great reasons why you should be attending in-person conferences and training (and how to persuade your boss!!)

Posted by Carolyn in News

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If you want to develop as a professional, you need to be attending conferences

They provide great opportunities for learning, networking, and helping you remain at the forefront of what’s happening. The disadvantage of attending conferences in person is they can cost quite a lot, and you have to take time off your regular work duties. So, you may ask, how on earth do you convince your boss to send you?
Here are 4 great reasons and hopefully armed with these pointers; you will be booking your next conference very soon!!

1) Build Your Knowledge and Skills

Our conferences are led by leading experts and practitioners who will provide you with knowledge updates,
a better understanding, and insights. Attending a conference will develop your own personal and professional development which you will be able to share with your your colleagues back in your work setting and you might even teach your co-workers!

2) Gain Practical strategies and ideas – Think differently

You will hear best practice, great strategies and ideas that you can take back to your work setting and immediately apply. Taking time out of your work setting helps to revalidate what you know as well as allowing opportunity to see things differently and think out of the box.

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3) Build and Network with others

The first time we ran a conference after a lockdown we couldn’t believe the noise from everyone chatting, meeting face to face after such a long time, there’s nothing that beats it!! This is why conferences are a great way to get people together, to talk, to learn from each other, gain different perspectives, share experiences, talk shop and ask questions. Knowledge exchanged in this way is invaluable and you would never have been exposed to out with the event. In terms of professional development is great to network with key opinion leaders and others who maybe able to help you with your work or career development.

4) Be inspired and recharge

Going to conferences is a great way to be inspired so you come back to the office or workplace recharged!! Conferences are all about meeting people, learning and the best conference makes your learning fun and interesting too. You might be feeling a little jaded from the past few years, needing to be reenergised about your work, your career, and your professional direction and this is where a professional development conference’s can help. They work every time to get that spring in your step as you go back to work.


I do hope these pointers are helpful and arm you with some great reasons for attending your next conference .

It’s an investment in time and money but if you make the most of what you will benefit so much by attending. Both yourself and your workplace will reap the benefit from this investment.

So don’t delay apply today for your next professional development conference!

It would be great to hear your thoughts on this. I would love to hear from you.

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