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0900 – 0930
Registration and Refreshments on Arrival

0930 – 0935
Welcome and Introduction from the conference chair
Jim Taylor, Director, Knows Autism

0935 – 1035
Relationships and Sex Education and the Sexual Behaviour of Children and Young People
• Normal, problematic and harmful sexual behaviour in children & young people: what do we know?
• Supporting children’s healthy sexual development, delivering an age-appropriate healthy relationships and sexual behaviour curriculum including how best to talk about difficult subjects
• Understanding, and talking about gender and sexuality diversity and how to get it right to support well being
• Sexual harassment in young people – a boy’s voice
• Resources and tools to support
Dr Sophie King-Hill, Senior Fellow, Health Services Management Centre, University of Birmingham

1035 – 1100
Refreshment Break

1100 – 1200
Autism & Harmful Sexual Behaviour
Navigating the complexities of society in relation to gender, sex and sexuality can be challenging for all young people. This is most apparent in supporting children and young people who are autistic and are displaying problematic or harmful sexual behaviour.
David will cover:
• The importance of sex education
• Exploration of the over representation of young people
• Obsessional interest and misinterpretation of behaviour
• Intervention approaches
David Russell, Community Safety & Justice Manager, Midlothian Council

1200 – 1215
Questions and discussion from morning session

1215 – 1315

1315 – 1320
Introduction to the Afternoon Session
Jim Taylor, (As Before)

1320 – 1420
Growing Up Online - Technology Assisted Harmful Sexual Behaviour & How to Prevent It
• Understanding the nature and context of risks children face from peer led sexual harassment and abuse online
• Pathways into problematic and abusive sexual behaviours online in childhood and adolescence
• Role of pornography on adolescent sexual development
• What is normative online sexual behaviour and when should adults be concerned
• Assessment and intervention approaches when concerning behaviour is identified
• Primary prevention – preventing technology assisted harmful sexual behaviour before it happens
Stuart Allardyce, Director Stop It Now! Scotland / Lucy Faithfull Foundation

1420 – 1500
Involuntary Celibate (Incel)
The term ‘Incel’ is one that appears to be having more media attention than previous years and its link to extremism and pro-violent views should be considered within Public Protection agendas.
Incel is the abbreviated term of ‘involuntary celibate’ and a movement that has quickly accelerated and shares some views with ‘manosphere’ attitudes that feel gender inequality is either a myth or that men are the in equal gender.
In this presentation David will provide you with more understanding on this threat and cover areas such as:
• Incel ideology
• Links to violence
• Online activity
• Prevention and intervention
David Russell, Community Safety & Justice Manager, Midlothian Council

1500 – 1515
Fruit Juice and Stretch Break

1515 – 1535
Case Study TBC

1535 – 1550
What’s Next?
Questions, discussion, and practical top take-away messages from the conference and how to make them tangible outcomes. We’ll also consider professional self-care too, without taking care of yourself, you won’t have the energy to help the children and young people you support.

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