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Be Your Own Mind Guru - How To Get Your Head Together Quickly When You Need TO! Part Two with Dr Alex Yellowlees

In this short programme, Alex will describe how we can begin to manage three unhelpful aspects of our thinking which often hold us back from achieving your goals and enjoying life.We have all experienced thoughts such as these but for some of us they can become relentless and personally undermining.

Do Any of these thoughts Feel Familiar?

I am constantly working as hard as I can to be the very best but it never feels like its good enough. This type of thinking would be representative of what I refer to as our INNER IDEAL.

I often feel quite vulnerable at times especially now with the Covid situation, I worry about my families health, I am back at work and its really difficult, what’s going to happen to our economy, our jobs……. I try to hide all my worries from family and others as best I can’ - this type of feeling would be representative of our INNER CHILD.

‘I never ever believe that my work is good enough no matter what others say’ - this type of belief would be representative of our INNER CRITIC.

In this webinar Alex will help you to learn simple but highly effective strategies to manage your Inner Ideal, Inner Child and Inner Critic.

A MUST for all professionals and all others, you don’t need to have attended part one previously to benefit from attending  this session.



Dr Alex Yellowlees is a fantastic speaker, very easy to listen to, he has now retired completely from all clinical practice. He is a Consultant Psychiatrist with over 30 years experience in treating psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders and a wide range of emotional difficulties and was Medical Director of the Priory Hospital in Glasgow from 2002 – 2017.

Over the years he has participated regularly in radio and television programmes such as the ‘Hour Show’ and in documentaries on mental health related issues.

He has published and co-authored five books on emotional health and on eating disorders. For several years he wrote a weekly self help column in the Glasgow Herald Newspaper called the ‘Mind Clinic’.

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