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Since 2011, Medica CPD has been providing specialist knowledge, ideas, practical strategies & resources for educators, social workers and healthcare professionals.

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Medica CPD is a leading provider of conferences and training courses in health-related subjects for teachers, health and social care professionals, and others interested in updating their health care knowledge.

We keep you up to date with all the latest knowledge, best practice, guidelines and most practical information and strategies you can put in place in your classroom or workplace the day after you have attended one of our events. We are renowned for our ability to bring together the most topical programmes and inspirational speakers, so you can make a real difference to your work.

We are focussed on making a difference. We always strive to provide inspiring speakers who are enthusiastic about what they do. Many of our speakers are world experts in their field and are not only knowledgeable but provide ideas, inspiration and practical advice for our attendees. Our customers return to our events time and time again, because we ensure they not only come away with knowledge, but have a great time learning too.

Awesome CPD Events for teachers, social care workers and health professionals.
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If you are interested in attending an inspirational Medica CPD event, where you will learn from world leading experts how to implement strategies for success, check out our events page. You can book our events online just for yourself, or for a group. For more information, you can also get in touch with us any time, and we would be glad to tell you more about how our events can help you make a difference.