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Medica CPD brings you the finest professional development health related conferences and courses to provide you with an unforgettable and comprehensive learning experience. We hold events on a wide variety of subjects from dermatology to autism. Many of our events focus on children’s health and mental health and well-being, which makes us a fantastic choice for educators, social care and health professionals.

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Fantastic feedback from previous events

The varied experiences and perspectives of the speakers provided excellent insight into how we can alter our thinking to better consider the diversity of the children & young people we work with
Karen Fenton, Senior Social Worker, Children's Mental Health & Wellbeing Conference, 24th November 2022
Loved the training and I'll tell anyone who will listen
Kathryn Herraghty, Learning Support Teacher, Working with People on the Autism Spectrum, 25th May 2023
A brilliant and well-organised event that covered all the important topics that need to be spoken about with regards to dementia
Claire Dallas, Staff Nurse, Let's Talk About Dementia & Older People, 25th March 2023
Insightful CPD that will have an impact on practice
Andrew Sulton, Teacher, Let's Talk Autism Conference, 14th November 2022
Really informative and thought-provoking conference delivered by experienced and knowledgeable presenters
Brenda Mills, Educational Psychologist, Exploring Sexual Behaviour Conference, 29th March 2023
The Annual Autism Conference is at the core of continuous professional development as it ensures our knowledge, and as a result our practice is following the most up to date and highest quality guidance
Ruth Bell, Head of Centre, Annual Autism Conference, 28th Feb 2020
Medica Cpd provides exceptionally well organised professional development opportunities with a wide range of highly knowledgeable speakers
Annie Smith, Senior Educational Psychologist, Annual Autism Conference, 28th Feb 2020
Thank you for continuing to organise these CPD events I always leave with new strategies and increased motivation
Andrew Cross, Supported Employment Coordinator, Annual Autism Conference, 28th Feb 2020
The balance between information and strategies was spot on. I feel empowered and inspired.
Jenny Robertson, Teacher, Supporting Children with ASD Training, 29th Feb 2020
Great course, leaving with a new outlook on Autism and so much more knowledge!
Rhiannon Kenney, Childcare Practitioner, Supporting Children with ASD Training, 29th Feb 2020
Interesting and Inspiring. The training was very complete with valuable information, strategies, techniques and examples
Maria Teresa Vera, Early Years Practitioner, Supporting Children with ASD, 29th Feb 2020
Intellectually stimulating, inspiring and exciting - Energises your own practice!
Charlotte Liley, Pathway Co-ordinator, Autism Manchester, 12th Nov 2019

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