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Our history of awesome events

Don’t just take our word for it! Read all about our inspirational and transformational CPD events from the very people we create them for – our attendees.


Temple Talks Autism

15th Jun 2019

“There’s nothing more magical than hearing a speaker like Dr Temple Grandin live. A billion times better than YouTube! I’ve always wanted to hear Dr Grandin so it’s wonderful that she came to Glasgow – anyone who missed her has missed the opportunity of a lifetime. I hope to continue to be a better teacher practitioner after today’s inspiring event. Derek [Paravicini]’s wonderful performance touched my heart and soul. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Heather Smith, Intervention and Prevention Teacher

“Very high quality professional development opportunities, well planned, organised and run. Never disappoints in the consistency, really excellent day.”

Ruth Bell, Assessment Centre Head

“A well organised conference with interesting insightful and inspiring speakers. A great day out! Inspirational and innovative as usual.”

Irene Hartson, College Lecturer

Tony Talks Autism

15th Jan 2019

Testimonials to follow


Sharks ‘n’ Snakes: Managing Difficult Personality Types in the Workplace

22nd Nov 2018

Testimonials to follow